Welcome to Bombic at sourceforge. Bombic is a dynablaster clone, that runs under Linux. Originally the game was running under Windows but I decidet to create port of the game. I think it deserves it.

Well what the game offers? You may play classical single player, where you have to pass several missions. There is some story in the game. Also you may play deathmatch against your friends. The game doesn't have network support, so you have to play on one computer. It is also possible to play in cooperative mode.

The game runs undes SDL. It requires SDL, SDL_image, SDL_ttf, SDL_mixer. There are sounds in game, but it was too slow for my machine, so they are commented in the sources :-)

The game was translated to Czech, English, German and Polish. Unfortunatelly the translation modell isn't designed too well, but it works :-)

The game runs on BeOS/Zeta. Thanks to Rafael K. :-)

You may download the game from sourceforge game project. It is provided in src form. Originally there was an editor for the game. Well - I don't ported the editor too - you may use it in wine.

If you are a debian user, you may be interested in debian packages of Bombic created by Petr Gajduesk. Michal Marek created RPM packages for FC3.

TODO: It would be good to change form of saved data to plain text or XML instead of "unknown binary files". Well I don't have much time. Fell free to help of you want :-)

Feedback is welcome - please mail bernard[at]
If you want, you may visit and see some more games made by me. Maybe I'll put them on SF too :-)

Sound for Bombic

I guess that you noticed, that there are wav files included in game datafiles and game's ./configure checks for SDL_mixer but no sound is playing. The sound in the game is implemented but it is commented in the sources, because the game was too slow with sound turned on on my computer. So I commented out. If you really want to hear something while playing the game, it is easy to edit sources to make sound playing. I'll try to describe how. You need to edit two files. In D3DXApp.cpp remove last pair /* and */ (it is in function load_samples). Then HDSound.cpp. Remove /* and */ except the first pair and then remove // from line Mix_AllocateChannels(16); And that is all :-) These changes are done in CVS version now.


The thing that you are all waiting for :-)

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